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Installation Instructions

Listed below are separate installation instructions for various components used in the AltoForms system. To get detailed instructions for a specific component, click on the icon image to the left or click the Installation Instructions link under the description.


AltoForms is the core program and database containing all of the LTO and Stamp Duty forms.
Installation Instructions
AltoForms Guidance Notes includes all of the Guidance Notes issued by the Land Titles Office for the LTO forms.
Installation Instructions


Windows NT/2000/XP Installation

To install this software on a Windows NT/2000/XP system, you need to have Administrator privileges. Either logon as Administrator (requires password) or make sure that your login account has Administrator rights to install software.

AltoForms Installation

The AltoForms setup program starts with a series of screens. You will be asked to accept a license agreement and choose a destination location for the software.

Destination Location:

Standalone: For a local standalone installation on a single computer you should accept the default "C:\AltoForms" folder. If you are installing onto several computers not connected via a network you should also use this location for each computer you are installing to.

Network: For a Network installation where you wish to share the application between several networked computers you should first install AltoForms on the network server and run the application at least once. Then repeat the installation for each workstation that will access AltoForms.You should accept the default "C:\AltoForms" folder for all installations.
After each workstation installation run the application and specify the location of the network server. Go to the File -> Open Database menu option and specify the location of the shared AltoForms database eg H:\AltoForms\AltoForms.mdb (where H: is the mapped network drive).
Important: When installing or upgrading, ensure that no other instances of AltoForms are running on your Network

AltoForms Guidance Notes

You can obtain Guidance Notes by clicking on this link
Download Guidance Notes.

The AltoForms Guidance Notes setup program starts with a series of screens. You will be asked to choose a destination directory for the software.

the guidance notes are in pdf format and require acrobat reader.

Destination Location:

You should specify the same location as you chose when you installed the main AltoForms application. This is usually the "C:\AltoForms" folder. By choosing this location you will be able to access all of the Guidance Notes from the menu option Form -> Guidance Notes from within AltoForms as well as the Toolbar Guidance Notes button.

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