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This Change History contains information related to bug fixes, revisions and changes made to AltoForms.

Version Released       Change Detail
9.206 28 Apr 2014
  • Fixed formatting issue with dropdown lists (large font size)
  • Improved Filter/Search facility with added options
  • Added an autoupgrade facility to make future upgrades much easier
  • Number of minor bugs
9.205 2 Apr 2014 Note. Version 9 is not backwards compatible to previous versions of Altoforms
  • New improved database storage supporting unlimited number of form fields.
  • Adding AltoWriter for improved PDF printing
  • Improved mousewheel support
  • Fixed scrolling/focus issues
  • Added Form 1 - Vendor's Statement - Sale of Land
  • Added Form 2 - Vendor's Statement - Sale of Business
  • Added Verification of Identity Forms - South Australia
8.204 30 May 2013
  • Adding native support for CutePDF as well as the existing PDFWriter
  • Added Control key shortcuts to text formatting:
    ^B for bold, ^U for underline, ^I for italic
  • Added mousewheel support. Limited to when not in an edit field.
    (ie click on page first)
  • Modified various edit field sizes in Forms: T1, A2 and B1
  • Added Page No field to Form: B1 Annexure
8.203 8 Sep 2012
  • Added Form: Statutory Declaration 71CA
8.202 7 Feb 2011
  • Updated LTO Panel Form: ACT
    (Swapped page 3 & 4)
8.201 5 Apr 2010
  • Initial public release


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