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What Is AltoForms?

AltoForms is a form management program used extensively by Conveyancers and other professionals in South Australia.

AltoForms includes the following forms:

  • Land Services SA Land Titles Office Forms.
  • Revenue SA's Stamp Duty Forms
  • Form's 1 and 2 Vendor's Statement
  • Verification Of Identity Forms
  • Others

 A more detailed list can be seen here.

It is our aim to incorporate other Forms and Formsets as time goes by. We intend to be guided by our clients requests, so if you have a form, contract or some other document that you wish to see in AltoForms, please tell us.

  • Forms are arranged in sets, called Formsets.
  • All previously saved forms are displayed as a form list when AltoForms starts. To select one of these forms for editing or printing, simply select it and open it by pressing the Open button.
  • To create a new form the user first selects a formset from a dropdown list of availabe formsets. The forms in that formset are then displayed in a second dropdown list. The user then selects a form and presses the New button to open it ready for editing.
  • Forms can be assigned to a reference number which is useful for organising forms into a client file, for example. The reference number can also be used to link information from an external source to the form fields within AltoForms.
  • The selected form is presented in full WYSIWYG format. The user sees a text window containing the fixed content of a form, the form-image, very much like viewing a document in a word processor.
  • The operator does not directly modify the form-image. Data can be entered only into the fields embedded in the pages of the form.
  • The data entry procedure is similar to the action of filling in the form. The user TABs between fields. The user has the option of entering data by first pressing the left mouse button (and then entering the data), or continuing to the next field using the TAB key. TAB is used for skipping backwards through the document.
  • Once a form has been filled in, it can be saved, and/or printed. All saved forms are stored in a database and can be recalled later for further editing or for reprinting.
  • Unlimited supply of contracts and forms. You can print as many contracts and forms as you need.
  • Latest technology.
  • Will print to any printer installed on your Windows environment, either local or on a network. By installing additional software you can even Fax or eMail your forms directly from AltoForms.
  • A permanent record of all your saved forms is stored in a database. You can open a saved form or start a new one.
  • AltoForms is easily kept up to date with the latest versions of all forms. Updates are made available automatically by  web download.
  • AltoForms works similar to a word processor. Forms are loaded, edited, previewed, printed and saved by the same types of menu options as found in a typical word processing programs. This makes the system very easy to use.


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