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Forms 1 and 2 - Vendor's Statement | Verification of Identity Forms

AltoForms is the latest in form management technology.

      AltoForms Benefits
  • Unlimited supply of documents and forms.
    For an annual fee Altoforms is yours to print as many documents and forms, as you need.
  • Latest technology
    Altoforms is developed as a Windows application using a Microsoft Access database to store your forms and data. Altoforms can be installed as a standalone or network application.
  • Ease of use
    Altoforms has been designed to operate in a manner that is very similar to a word processor. Forms are loaded, edited, previewed, printed and saved by means of the same types of menu options as found in a typical Windows word processing program. This makes the system relatively easy to use.
  • Support for a wide range of computer printer types
    Altoforms will print to any printer installed on your Windows environment, either local or on a network. By installing additional software you can even fax or email your forms directly from Altoforms. Does double-sided printing!
  • Impression Storage
    A permanent record of all your previously saved forms is stored in a database. You can open a saved form or start a new one.
  • Latest Version
    Altoforms is easily kept up to date with the latest versions of all forms. Updates are automatic.
  • Pricing
    Try for free in Demo mode for as long as you like.
    $400 (excl GST) for 12 months.


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